Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bank or Mortgage Broker?

I took my last mortgage from our local bank.

At first my real estate agent hooked me up with a mortgage broker she knew. At the first and only meeting with him I felt we had a personality conflict. I would never let that end a business relationship but the next day I stopped by my bank to make a deposit. I saw the mortgage officer sitting in her office so I walked in and said hello.

She was very gracious and treated me more like the good customer I am, unlike the mortgage broker. She was very aggressive about wanting and getting my business. Within a week I secured my rather hefty mortgage with my banker. She is happy and I am happy.

Read more about mortgage brokers here:

When I think about it, I like to do business with people I like. I did not know either the broker or the banker. But I liked the banker and, frankly, I disliked the broker. I felt that my banker listened to me more carefully and she wanted my business more.


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